Strengthen your Immunity & Beat COVID-19

You might be a healthcare worker risking your life to support others or you might be working from home amid this COVID-19 lockdown. But all of us need strength to beat this virus.

This is the power of our IMMUNITY. It’s not any magic pill, nor is anything which can be injected. It is present inside all of us. The stronger our immunity is, the better we can fight any harmful disease and stay healthy.
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An Early Intervention can change the life of an Autistic Child

Autism:  An Overview

Autism is a developmental disorder which affects a person’s ability to socialize, communicate and behave. Traditionally, autism was thought to be a psychological or a behavioural disorder but today there is a lot of evidence validating it to be primarily a “neuro-biological” disorder”.

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What is HIV and how it progresses to AIDS?

HIV is a virus that causes damage to the immune system by destroying the white blood cells in the body. First identified in the year 1981, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) interferes with the body’s ability to fight against disease-causing microorganisms. It destroys CD4 cells (a type of T-helper cells that move around the body & detect anomalies & infections), makes copies of itself and weakens an individual’s immune system.
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