Global Expertise in Medical Textile & Advanced Wound Care Products

Department of Life Sciences (R&D)

Department of Life Sciences (DLS) is a R&D wing of Datt Mediproducts Private Limited. DLS is established to develop avenues in healthcare and other biotechnologies with one of the most diverse and integrated biomedical initiatives being developed.

DLS is established with key vision in development of various therapeutically equivalent / applicable research to generate efficacious treatments, regenerative medicine, biomaterial for various biomedical applications such as tissue repair/regeneration/engineering.


The current R&D activities includes development and evaluation of biomedical devices (cellular and a-cellular) for advance wound management towards healing and restoring lives.

Therapies aided by biomedical devices from DLS aim to meet unmet patient needs in the areas of Burns, open Wounds, Diabetic and Venous Ulcers including chronic non-healing ulcers, advanced biomaterials for drug delivery devices, haemostatic, surgical aids, integrated biomaterials and cellular devices and other life saving appliances.


DLS has a professional team comprising substantially of PhDs, Graduate/post Graduates in Technology, Science and pharmacy. From an integration perspective, DLS encompasses in-house Research, Process Development, In Vitro evaluation prior to pre-clinical Studies and Human Clinical Trials. DLS operates state-of-the-art facilities in its R&D domain towards development of effective and affordable health care technologies and products.