Non-Woven dressing with non-adherent pad

  • Properties
    • Convenient all in one dressing, reducing application time.
    • Non- Woven backing surface allows the wound to breath and water vapour to escape protecting skin from maceration.
    • Latex free hypoallergic adhesive.
    • Polyester wound contact layer prevents dressing from sticking to the wound & minimize pain during removal.
    • Absorbent non- adherent pad absorbs exudate & minimize fluid strike.
    • Leaves no traces of adhesive upon removal.
  • Colour
  • Material
    • Non- Woven, Acrylic Adhesive
  • Ordering
    Product Name Code Size Qty / Box Boxes / Case
    Vel-Dress 5506D 5cm x 7.5cm 50 dressings/ box 12 boxes
    Vel-Dress 5507D 8cm x 15cm 10 dressings/polybag 50 polybags
    Vel-Dress 5508D 10cm x 20cm 10 dressings/polybag 30 polybags
    Vel-Dress 5509D 10cm x 25cm 10 dressings/polybag 30 polybags
    Vel-Dress 5510D 10cm x 30cm 10 dressings/polybag 30 polybags