Velfix®-IV Kit

IV Cannulization Dressing Kit

  • Properties
    • Latex-free non-reusable tourniquet for finding veins singular usage, reducing cross-contamination due to carrier property of Velcro tourniquets and prevents skin allergy.
    • 70% IPA Swab is considered ideal for prepping the insertion site*.
    • Velfix Edge IV Dressing as Transparent IV dressing with Window Frame delivery design to allow continuous observation of the IV site while providing better seal around the catheter with stabilization non-woven borders.
      • Notched design to effectively stabilize the catheter.
      • Transparent film serves as a waterproof sterile barrier to external contaminants,
      • Breathable transparent film provides high MVTR with an effective wear time of upto 7 days.
      • One-Handed application & gentle removal.
      • Made with a hypoallergenic, latex-free adhesive that is gentle to the skin yet holds catheter in place.
    • Sterile gauze swab : To control backflash of blood.
  • Ordering
    Product Name Code Size Qty / Box Boxes / Case
    Velfix®- IV Kit 770043K kit 25 8