Bandages : Short-Stretch vs Long-Stretch

We all are aware that wound healing is more complicated than just wound assessment and treatment. To select the most appropriate bandaging system, one must understand the concepts of extensibility, recoil, and working and resting pressures. Till date, little research has been done to investigate the best combinations of bandages or different bandage application techniques. We totally rely on clinical experience and tradition.

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Why should you always use Sterilized Products?

Sterilization is the process of decontaminating surfaces and objects, while sterilization makes sure that all the harmful microorganisms are killed /deactivated, disinfection is basically for surface cleaning only, and done by chemicals.
Sterilization ensures that there is no microbe transmission from one to another and the microbes don’t grow. Medical sterilization is of utmost importance, and all the doctors, as well as pathologists make sure that the needles, bandages, dressings etc. are appropriately sterilized so that the patients are not infected with microbes from someone else.

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How caretakers can heal a bedridden patient through massage?

Anyone who has taken a good massage knows how relaxing and rejuvenating it can be. A massage also has therapeutic value, especially for patients who are bedridden.

Any person who is compelled to spend most of his or her time in bed due to a debilitating ailment or even advanced age is considered to be a bedridden patient.

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Regular Body Check-up is MUST for all who suffer from diabetes

The human body requires regular care and maintenance in order to keep it in working order and free from ailments. By diagnosing some illnesses early further complications can be prevented, that is why it is advisable to get regular medical checkups done.

The human body is a complex machine and needs a lot of care and maintenance, especially if you have diabetes. Diabetes is an ailment, which can affect your entire body from eyes to feet. And in order to manage diabetes, it is necessary to go for the routine checkups and tests.

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World Federation of Hemophilia: 20-24 May 2018, Glasgow, Scotland

There are many people who suffer from inherited bleeding disorders like hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, rare factor deficiencies and inherited platelet disorders. The World Federation of Hemophilia has provided leadership to improve and sustain caring for such people. People with bleeding disorders require special care and treatment.

They would also need

  •    Trained experts who can properly manage and diagnose patients.
  •    People who advocate for sufficient supply of safe treatment products.
  •    Education and empowerment of people who suffer from bleeding disorders so that they can live a healthier, longer and more productive life.

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Guide to Hand Sanitization – Spread the Word not the Germs

Research studies** done by experts have shown that thousands of people across the globe die due to germ infections transferred through hands. In our daily life, hands come in contact with lots of environmental factors leading to transmission from one to another.

Hence, hand hygiene is the prime factor to prevent the spread of diseases from germs. It should be the first step to good health, protecting the body against infections.

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Breaking Barriers, Gaining the Edge at EWMA Conference 2018

It is a moment of pride and achievement for Datt Mediproducts to participate in EWMA Conference 2018 held in Krakow, Poland. The conference is all about gathering expert minds working on their innovation in the medical sector. Ruchita Datt Director, Datt Mediproducts and Sanjay Arora Executive Director, Datt Mediproducts will be attending the conference to share research and existing products on an international platform.

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