Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The below listed Privacy Policies are for users and the information included on this site is applicable for all the Datt Mediproducts Private Limited users.


Datt Mediproducts Private Limited collects and uses the data that references, identifies, describes correlates to, linked, or associated with, indirectly or directly to the individuals or their devices (such as mobile and desktop) when visiting You either have to provide your info to Datt Mediproducts Private Limited or build a business/contractual relationship with our affiliates or with us. The Personal Information that is collected by us includes email address, social security number or Aadhar number/Pan number, postal address, name, or other direct identifier or government identifier photo ID card issued by Indian Government. While indirect identifiers collected and used by us includes IP address, telephone number, consumer preferences inferences, credit card information, browsing history, or characteristics associated with, identifies or related to a particular person.


Datt Mediproducts Private Limited collects the above listed Personal Info of the individuals for the purposes listed below

  • For responding to the individual inquiries or for fulfilling the requests of customers
  • For sending an important update or information related company‚Äôs relationship with its customers or related to such as change/update our policies, terms, and conditions, or any other administrative info
  • To audit and verify that the internal functioning is as needed/intended/compliant with contractual, legal, or regulatory requirements
  • To prevent crime or fraud as well as for monitoring technical security
  • For facilitating the production or development of advanced services and products
  • For modifying, improving, and enhancing our online platform-;


3.1 We collect the Personal Information of Indian residents who visit our website, or have or had a business or contractual relationship with our affiliate(s) or with us.

The info is collected for the individuals belonging to the following categories

  • Indirect identifiers (described above point 1)
  • Direct identifiers (described above point 1)

3.2.Datt Mediproducts Private Limited collects such personal information of the individuals from the following sources -

  • Information shared or submitted directly to us via telephone calls, registrations, email, surveys, postal communications/and applications
  • Data collected passively through cookies or analytics of third party or partner websites
  • Info sourced from third parties such as business relationship, affiliate partners or from the browsing history of individuals on third party sites including public databases and social media platforms
  • Information collected from the service providers who have business or contractual relationships with Datt Mediproducts Private Limited with whom you have shared the details of your identification.

3.3 Datt Mediproducts Private Limited shares such Personal Info with the third parties categorized below -

  • Service providers or business partners who help us with running or expanding our business like order fulfillment companies, call centers, goods distribution firms, web development companies, credit card processing companies, direct marketing companies, and web hosting companies.
  • Business/contractual partners who track the advertisement results related to our products and services

3.4 Datt Mediproducts Private Limited collects the one or more pieces of personally identifiable information mentioned below -

  • Geo-location data, nickname, legal name, email address, signature, date of birth, postal address, driving license number, social security number or Aadhar number/Pan number, photo ID card issued by Indian Government, physical description or characteristics, current employment, or educational level.
  • IP address, online identifier, Web browsing activity info, search history related to the interaction of the consumer with an advertisement, application, or with a particular website.


Datt Mediproducts Private Limited does not sell, disclose, or share the collected personal information with the third parties with whom we have no business dealing or relationship. We share the data with the trusted parties or with our affiliate partners for business arrangements. We have limited/restricted the use of the personal information of our customer's contracts, policies, and contracts.

If you want to update, correct or review your identification info the request for the same can be submitted via our official website by you. Our customer care representative will get back to you with the appropriate response at the earliest.

We don't share or disclose personal information of our customers for monetary benefits or profits. You have the right to take necessary action against us if there is a breach of contract or if you find us selling your personal identification information for the sole purpose of earning profits.