The Optimal Nasal Healing Solution

  • Overview
    Ready to use bio-absorbable and biocompatible sponge based dressing for use as a temporary wound dressing in the sinunasal cavity. VelNez™ fragments within few days of application. The pain associated with the traditional nasal plug removal is completely eliminated with VelNez™ since such procedures are not necessary on application of VelNez™. It separates the compromised mucosal surfaces. VelNez™ reduces fibrosis at the same time and promotes healing and clotting.
  • Benefits
    • Biodegradable property results in rapid and uniform fragmentation
    • Highly porous structure provides high absorption capacity of 14-18 times of its weight
    • Supports tissue regeneration and wound healing process
    • Reduces fibrosis
    • Provides compression at the tissue site and maintains same compression strength while absorbing the natural fluids present in the nasal cavity
    • Soft and flexible and can be easily cut and manipulated for surgeon preference and patient anatomy
    • No post-operative adhesions as it separates the compromised mucosal surfaces
    • No need for post – operative removal and hence atraumatic
    • Ergonomic design for Patient comfort
  • Intended Use
    The fragmentable VelNez™ is intended to be used in the nasal/sinus cavity in surgery or trauma patients. It acts as a space occupying dressing, preventing adhesion
    • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
    • Ethmoidectomy
    • Maxillary Antrostomy
    • Frontal Sinusotomy
    • Sphenoidotomy
    • Septoplasty
    • Submucus Resection of the Septum (SMR)
  • Application Method
    • Step 1: Removal from Package – Open the blister pack by removing the paper film and take out VelNez™.
    • Step 2: Pre-insertion - If required cut the VelNez™ using sterile scissors and irrigate using saline solution.
    • Step 3: Insertion - Using sterile nasal dressing forceps place the VelNez™ inside the nasal cavity at the site of application.
    • Step 4: Confirm - Confirm that VelNez™ is placed at the intended position. VelNez™ will fill itself with surrounding fluids or blood.
    • *Note: The VelNez™ dressing is to be irrigated every day with saline solution
  • Specifications
    Shape Size Packaging
    Rectangle 8 cm X 2 cm 1 piece
    Rectangle 4 cm X 2 cm 1 piece
    Sterilization Method Gamma Irradiation
    Shelf Life 3 years from date of mfg.
    Storage Temp. Not to exceed 25°C
  • Contraindications
    No known contraindications and adverse reactions.
    • Non-cytotoxic
    • Non-irritant
    • Non-sensitizer
    • No skin reactions
  • Precautions
    No known contraindications and adverse reactions.
    • Do not use if pack is damaged.
    • VelNez™ is supplied as a sterile, single-use dressing. Do not re-use. Do not attempt to re-sterilize.
    • VelNez™ should be used only by Surgeon who has received appropriate training.