The Action Dressing

  • Overview
    Velseal™ is a foam based dressing for control of traumatic bleeding. The ready-to-use patch consists of foam impregnated with clot promoting & stabilizing agents and a novel polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) of biopolymers. These constituents are held in the vesicular voids of the matrix, on the internal surface sponge. This means they are able to act rapidly when blood flows into the dressing. Once in contact with blood, the dressing promotes clotting and stabilization of wound surfaces.
  • Properties
    Highly Effective
    • Instant action, promotes clotting within 4-6 min
    • Highly effective in Gunshot wounds
    • Do not adhere to the wound site
    • No secondary bleeding
    • Increases the safety window to securely mobilize the patient
    Easy to Use
    • Fits any wound shape and size
    • Water proof packaging, single use and sterile packs
    • Well established safety and efficacy, no known contraindications
    • Biocompatible and Bioabsorbable
    • No exothermic reaction
    Cost Effective
    • Highly economical
    • Researched, designed and developed in India
    • Stops bleeding rapidly and establish stability to get patients to the next level of care
  • Velseal Action
    • The interconnected small voids of porous PEC sponge provides a very large surface area for the flowing blood and hold the natural clotting agents
    • A large surface area and micro-areas exert a pseudo-catalytic effect on blood clotting
    • The body’s own whole blood coagulation cascade - is activated
    • The blood clotting process occurs within the voids
    • Further in the presence of impregnated naturally derived clot promoting and stabilizing agents intensifies the clotting action & stabilizes the clot
    • Natural blood clotting continues right up to the injured blood vessel without affecting the flow characteristics of the circulating blood
  • Sizes
    Shape Size Packaging
    Rectangle 8 cm X 2 cm 1 piece
    Rectangle 4 cm X 2 cm 1 piece
    Sterilization Method Gamma Irradiation
    Shelf Life 3 years from date of mfg.
    Storage Temp. Not to exceed 25°C
  • Precautions
    • For external use only
    • The dressing can remain in position until the wound can be treated properly
    • Do not use if pack is damaged/or contents are wet. VELSEALTM is supplied as a sterile, single-use dressing. Do not re-use. Do not re-sterilize
    • If the first attempt at application of the VELSEALTM is not successful, do not re-apply the same dressing, instead obtain a new dressing for re-application
    • VELSEALTM must be positioned properly to the bleeding wound /actual source of the bleed. Use promptly after opening. Don’t keep open for long time as it may absorb moisture and change property/reduce efficacy.