VELGRAFT is a “Cellular Skin Substitute” which provides an optimal environment for the growth and proliferation of cells.
  • US Patent No.: US 10,004,830 B2
  • US Patent No.: US 10,098,986 B1
  • US Patent No.: US 10,149,924 B1


VELVERT is an herbal based anti-microbial dressing which fastens the healing process by effectively killing of the microbes (99.9999%) including “Superbugs” present in the wound.
  • US Patent No.: US 10,076,552 B2


VelNez® is a ready to use biocompatible and fragmentable sponge-based dressing to be used post nasal and sinus surgeries.
  • US Patent No.: US 10,293,075 B2


Ready to use biocompatible sponge-based haemostatic dressings impregnated with clot promoting & clot stabilizing agents which stop arterial or venous bleeding within 4-6 mins.
  • US Patent No.: US 10,124,084 B2