The Optimal Haemostatic Patch for Post-Renal Dialysis

  • Overview
    Velseal™-Patch is an optimal haemostatic dressing to control bleeding Post-Renal Dialysis. The ready to use dressing consists of a polymeric haemostatic pad on non-woven fabric coated with adhesive. The novel haemostatic patch is impregnated with clot promoting and clot stabilizing agents. When applied, the VELSEAL-PATCH fastens the blood clotting process reducing the time required for clot formation. It thereby prevents the excessive bleeding post renal dialysis.
  • Properties
    • A Novel dressing with polymeric haemostatic pad to control bleeding at dialysis puncture sites
    • Highly porous in nature and absorbs fluid 12-15 times of its weight
    • Prevents the loss of natural clotting factors to initiate the clotting cascade
    • Adhesive is non-irritant and gentle to the skin
    • Used for haemodialysis patients
  • Action
    • The interconnected small voids of porous PEC sponge provides a very large surface area for the flowing blood and prevent the loss of natural clotting factors to initiate the clotting cascade
    • The pad expands on contact with blood to 12-15 times its original size
    • The blood clotting process occurs within the voids which then travels towards the puncture site
    • Further, the presence of impregnated naturally derived clotting factors & stabilizer intensifies the clotting action. The clot stabilizing agent prevents the disintegration of clot formed
    • Natural blood clotting continues to the injured blood vessel without affecting flow characteristics of circulating blood
  • Intended Use
    Highly Effective
    • VELSEAL-PATCH is intended to be used as a haemostatic dressing for Post Renal Dialysis patients.
  • Application
    • STEP 1: Open the pack and take out the patch.
    • STEP 2: Remove the paper film 1 followed by paper film 2.
    • STEP 3: Apply the Velseal-Patch immediately after removing the catheter such that the haemostatic pad is over the puncture site and the sides of the patch get adhered to the skin.
    • NOTE: No secondary dressing is required.
  • Specifications
    Size 5cm x 7cm
    Packaging 5 pcs. per inner
    Sterilization Method Gamma
    Shelf Life 2 years from date of mfg.
    Storage Temp. 8°C to 10°C