Bandages : Short-Stretch vs Long-Stretch

We all are aware that wound healing is more complicated than just wound assessment and treatment. To select the most appropriate bandaging system, one must understand the concepts of extensibility, recoil, and working and resting pressures. Till date, little research has been done to investigate the best combinations of bandages or different bandage application techniques. We totally rely on clinical experience and tradition.

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Delivering Next-Gen Healing Solutions – Know us better

Founded in 1995, Datt Mediproducts Pvt. Ltd. started its journey as an Export Oriented Unit dealing in medical textile disposables. For the last 17 years, we have been providing our services to the medical industry. We now sell our products all over India as well as overseas also.

Quality Products that reach Worldwide
We have loyal customers from all around the world including India, UK, Japan, UAE, Oman, France, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, etc. to whom we export on a regular basis. Our products conform to international standards; at DMP we are very particular about our quality standards and always strive towards ensuring uncompromised adherence to quality control.

Our Certification Speaks
DMP has a certified ultra-modern plant situated 60 km away from Delhi. Honored by New Materials Award from Textile Institute – Manchester, Star Export House by Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, also certified by ISO 9001, ISO 13485 & MDD93/42/EEC and audited by SGS, 202B Worle Parkway, Weston-super-Mare BS22 6WA, United Kingdom and GMP.
In this new age of technology, we have launched several advanced products in the market. We manufacture wound care and advanced wound care products, which include:

  •        Bandages
  •        Tapes
  •        Dressing kits
  •        Biodegradable Nasal Dressings
  •        Biodegradable Hemostat Dressings
  •        Negative Pressure Wound Dressings

Specialize in Research and Development
With a Government recognized (DSIR) cutting-edge research and development center in the premises, the team is committed to make efforts to progress in healthcare, biotechnology and in the bio-medical field. These activities carried continuously to enhance and optimized products help us to deliver next generation healing solutions worldwide.

Vision, Mission, and Values that sets us apart

⁃       We foresee Datt Mediproducts to be a leading global company in the Medical wound care industry

⁃       We aim towards improvisation of healthcare through innovation

⁃       We follow work ethics by creating surroundings that encourage creativity and welcome new ideas leading to advancement in skills, technology and processes.

Customer satisfaction is our primary motto. We at DMP, manufacture a wide range of next-generation healing products for the quick healing of the wounds. These products are supplied to all the nursing homes and hospitals regularly. Innovative products designed by us are catering to the ever-increasing demands of the healthcare sector. Visit to know more about us.





Why should you always use Sterilized Products?

Sterilization is the process of decontaminating surfaces and objects, while sterilization makes sure that all the harmful microorganisms are killed /deactivated, disinfection is basically for surface cleaning only, and done by chemicals. Sterilization ensures that there is no microbe transmission from one to another and the microbes don’t grow. Medical sterilization is of utmost importance, and all the doctors, as well as pathologists make sure that the needles, bandages, dressings etc. are appropriately sterilized so that the patients are not infected with microbes from someone else.

Steam, ETO, Gamma, Chemical, and Plasma are the common types of sterilization.

Steam Sterilization is suitable for all the glassware, medical wastes as well as the surgical instruments needed by doctors during operation.

ETO Sterilization method is done with the help of Ethylene Oxide Gas. ETO sterilises everything that can’t be steam sterilized. It is a broad-spectrum sterilization method adopted widely across the medical industry. This technique is well suited for sterilizing things like cardboard, plastic, and various electronic components.

Gamma Sterilization process kills microorganism that is present in a wide variety of products with the help of cobalt 60 radiation. 

Chemical Sterilization method is used on objects and often uses various chemicals like formaldehyde that is known to make the surface completely clean from any harmful microorganisms.

Plasma Sterilization (Low Temperature Sterilization) is the most recent method of sterilizing the medical equipment that involves the use of hydrogen peroxide gas plasma and usually added to a chamber where the good needs to be sterilized. An electric field ionizes the gas and the plasma and thus create a highly effective deactivating microorganisms

How should you ensure that the equipments are sterile?
Doctors should ensure to sterilize all the equipment’s with one of the above methods on a regular basis after every surgery or usage for the safety of the patients. They should also make sure that disposable items are thrown off after a single use.
It can often get life threatening, if proper attention is not given to ritualistically sterilizing all the equipment. Patients too should be attentive and aware of the need and importance of sterilization. If you are visiting a doctor, make sure that any needle or medical dressing is opened from a sealed pack in front of you. Otherwise, you can choose to open by your own.

Little precaution can help you with your own safety. Make sure sterilized products are used either by doctors or yourself. In this way, you can always be sure products are completely sterile and safe for usage.

Please note:
There is difference between Disinfection and Sterilization. Sterilization consists of several methods to totally get rid of harmful microorganisms or bacterial spores which are on the surface on the object as well as inside packaging. Whereas Disinfection would reduce maximum number of harmful bacteria on the surface of an object only by using chemicals. Hence both are essential in everyday life and especially in Hospitals and Public Areas.

Datt Mediproducts offers a range of products like sterile gauze swab, laparotomy sponge, eye pad with adhesive borders sterile dressing kits, etc. These products go through rigorous tests to ensure the safety and efficacy. Most of the doctors prefer using Datt Mediproducts and they can also be used for home care of certain problems like wounds and infections.